A day in the life of a lotus flower

A speeded-up view of a day in the life of a lotus flower in our garden.

The pictures are taken using a digital SLR camera. It took several attempts to get this right — prior failed attempts included: forgetting to set the right metering mode; running out of battery power; failing to take into account the fact that the sun moves during the day, and if the camera isn’t well positioned there will be a strange shadow creeping over the frame; birds having a splash in the water and getting drops on the lens.

  • Camera: Nikon D80
  • Exposure mode: Aperture priority
  • Aperture: f-10
  • Focal length: 48 mm
  • Exposure interval: 30 s
  • Total number of exposures: 985
  • Total time: 8 h 12 m

    Edit (28th January 2012): Someone on YouTube pointed out that this isn’t a lotus, it’s a water lily!