My name is Samir.

I like web development, liquorice and mamihlapinatapai, and positively writhe at the incorrect use of punctuation.

Charity auction of the Disable Comments WordPress Plugin

I developed Disable Comments, a popular WordPress plugin which is used on over a million WordPress sites. I no longer have the time to continue maintaining the plugin, and so I'm reaching out to the community to find a new maintainer.

I never intended to make any money off this plugin, which is completely free to use. I have however received a number of financial offers for it, and so I've decided to auction it. The highest bidder will pay their bid to my preferred charitable organisation, and send me a receipt as proof of donation in exchange for ownership of the plugin.

If you're interested, please drop me an email or ping me on Twitter.

Relevant links (all these go to the new owner):

The auction is open until 15th August 2020 at which point I will get in touch with the winning bidder to organise the payment to the charity and transfer of ownership of the plugin. I'll try to keep track of the highest current bid on this Twitter thread.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to select the eventual owner of the plugin based on criteria other than what they bid (e.g., factors like reputation, history, and ethical considerations). What I will commit to is that all proceeds will go directly to The Centre for Effective Altruism, and that evidence of this will be published here after the donation is completed.